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RTI Manufacturing was founded in 1998. Since then, RTI has nearly tripled in capacity and has grown into a small business with a reputation for precision, accuracy, and reliability with more than 45 years of experience serving as our backbone.
At RTI you will discover a sincere desire to bring you, the customer, consistent results. Whether in quality, integrity, or in the timely delivery of jobs you can be certain of your value to RTI as a customer and as a person.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to maintain and operate at various levels of machining. We have done everything from simple plastic latches to intricate titanium fighter-jet components. RTI doesn’t just machine parts for aerospace, but also for the marine, medical, electronics, defense and energy fields as well. We have never turned away a job for being too complex or too time consuming. This is what sets RTI apart as a business, the level of consistency, experience, and integrity that we bring to each and every job whether simple or complex.